Clean Label

The last couple of years the request for products without additives has grown. Despite the fact that EU regulation permits the use of additives and that certain additives contribute to the quality and stability of a product, some additives have a bad reputation. Even while most of these additives with such reputation are not to be found in our products we have a higher ambition and strive for products with a clean label. A goal we like to achieve by reducing these additives even further. That’s why our policy is set on leaving them out when they are not absolutely necessary.

In achieving this we do whatever lies in our power. From the removal of the additives, without letting it affect the quality and safety of the product, to the replacement of certain ingredients by for example herbs. This is a challenge we don’t face on our own. Together with our suppliers we are constantly searching for new possibilities to achieve a clean label.

Good to know: All Plaza Foods product are free of palmoil (or derivates), E621 (Ve-tsin), irradiated ingredients or ingredients coming from Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s).